Sen. Vogel on PA Budget – A 50% Cut in Pennsylvania Headstart Is Better Than Nothing

 August 29, 2009 
Pennsylvania Republican Budget:
Cut Families First
Sen. Vogel - Who Does He Serve?
Sen. Vogel - Who Does He Serve?

by Randy Shannon

Farmer and freshman PA State Senator Elder Vogel has backed the Pennsylvania Republican extremists in their attack on the State’s elderly, veterans, disabled, children, and youth by voting for the Republican Budget.

This budget was vetoed by the Govenor, but still the Republicans refuse to raise revenues to fund critical programs for the working families of the state. Now the state has run out of money and all kinds of agencies are shutting down and laying off people. There is no state funding for childcare, headstart, high school or college programs, and many more.

A local headstart employee called Senator Vogel’s office this week to discuss the impact that a 50% cut in headstart funds would have on area children. Vogel’s local staff member replied that “50% is better than nothing.”

Aside from the arrogance and insult to a caring administrator, this remark reveals the deep truth about the Pennsylvania Republican Party. They are offering 50% or nothing. The offer of nothing cannot be taken lightly because this is the goal of these extremists now running the Republican Party here and in many states: elimination of all government programs that do not serve the interests of the wealthy and their business. Even a 50% cut will result in “nothing” for those working Pennsylvanians and their children who are thrown out of the programs they need.

Last week a parent with a child in daycare called Sen. Vogel’s office and asked that she not be cut off childcare support because she would have to quit her job. Vogel’s staff member told her that they tried to fund childcare but could not get enough votes.

This refers to a political trick the Republican Senators are trying to pull on the people of Pennsylvania. After offering an unacceptable budget that harshly cuts public spending, they tried to override the Governor’s veto even though they don’t even have a simple majority in the Legislature. This maneuver was solely to escape responsibility for the budget impasse. The state Republicans are claiming that their attempt to force a 50% cut is “funding childcare”. They’re counting on the public not knowing the details. 

Senator Vogel needs to hear from the working people of the Beaver Valley. Working people are not responsible for the economic crisis, the wealthy speculators are responsible. We will not stand for our children, veterans, disabled, and elderly to be victimized by the Pennsylvania Republican extremists.

Sen. Elder Vogel should fire his staff and hire people who care about the working families and their children who reside in Beaver and Lawrence Counties. Vogel should fire Joe Weidner and Owen Thomas and hire people who are truly friendly to working families instead of just pretending to be.

His office is at 488 Adams St., Rochester. Phone 724 774-0444.

His office is at 101 Mercer St., New Castle. Phone 724 654-1444.

For a detailed description of the Republican’s vetoed budget g to:

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