Butler, PA SEIU Workers, Citizens, and Nursing Home Residents Oppose the Sale of Sunnyview Nursing Homes

by Randy Shannon

March 31, 2009

SEIU members and Butler concerned citizens and nursing home residents held a march and rally to protest the proposed sale of the Butler County owned Sunnyview Nursing Home to private interests.

4 thoughts on “Butler, PA SEIU Workers, Citizens, and Nursing Home Residents Oppose the Sale of Sunnyview Nursing Homes”

  1. Once we pass HR 676, The National Health Care Act, elderly nursing home care and in-home nursing care will be provided for all residents of the US. The for-profit systems preys on the sick and elderly, a national disgrace.

  2. Many of us are counting on the congress to pass legislation covering the costs for all care for our elder relatives. Without it, we will be in an impossible situation. We need it.

  3. To Whom It May Concern,

    Today, I called the three offices of Jason Altmire. Aliquippa said he wasn’t sure if he would vote for reform, and other two gave the impression he was leaning away from health care reform. Altmire is a Blue Dog Democrat, meaning he works along with conservatives, and even advertises himself as a Centrist. He voted against the public option bill and has taken nearly 337,000 dollars from health care lobbyists who do not want reform.

    We need to organize a massive phone campaign and hold Altmire accountable for reform. Here are the following office numbers. Remember, if the constituents raise hell, then he will be accountable to your votes. We need to come together on this. Too many poor people and working class people don’t have insurance. Here are the numbers:

    Aliquippa Office
    2110 McLean Street
    Aliquippa, PA 15001
    724-378-6171 (fax)

    Natrona Heights Office
    2124 Freeport Road
    Natrona Heights, PA 15065
    724-226-1308 (fax)

    Washington, D.C. Office
    332 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515

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