4th CD Task: Get Congressman Altmire to Cosponsor HR 676


Win-Win Plan:
Health Care is
Better and Cheaper

This coming year, our 4th C.D. Chapter of PDA plans to participate in the national Win-Win campaign sponsored by Healthcare NOW, the national coalition backing HR676.

Join us in this new campaign to win endorsements of HR 676 – Medicare for All by local governments – counties, boroughs, townships, and school boards. In a time of fiscal crisis for local governments, saving over 50% of healthcare outlays and getting more healthcare in return is a win-win outcome for taxpayers, employees, and employers.

The employer payroll tax for health coverage under HR676 is considerably less than current local government outlays for health insurance. This is due to the $30 billion savings from eliminating private insurance companies from healthcare. HR 676 means big savings for taxpayers. Also, private and public employees will see an end to co-pays, premiums, and deductibles. And it means expanded healthcare coverage for everyone. See the Charts below:

Last November, under Joe Spanik’s leadership, the Beaver County Commissioners passed a resolution endorsing HR 676, the Enhanced and Improved Medicare for All Bill.

We will work with local groups to calculate their savings under HR 676 and help to get town councils, township supervisors, and school boards to pass resolutions for HR676.

Beaver County Annual Savings
County Healthcare Costs now $8.72 million
County Payroll $31 million
HR676 Payroll tax rate x 5.95%
HR676 Healthcare Cost $1.84 million
HR676 annual savings for Beaver County $6.83 million

Ambridge Borough Annual Savings
Ambridge Healthcare Costs now $391,338
Ambridge Payroll $1,287,700
HR676 Payroll tax rate x 5.95%
HR676 Healthcare Cost $76,618
HR676 annual savings for Ambridge $314,720

New Brighton School District Annual Savings
School District Healthcare Costs now $405,700
School District Payroll $2,073,700
HR676 Payroll tax rate x 5.95%
HR676 Healthcare Cost $123,385
HR676 annual savings for New Brighton Schools $282,315

Contact Tina Shannon, Chairperson 724 843 0545

email tinabshannon@msn.com

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