Help the Change – Sign the Online Petition to Cut Lieberman

Dump Lieberman! Don’t Wait for Change!

Please join me to urge the Democratic Party Senate leaders to strip Sen. Joe Lieberman, who campaigned for war and austerity with McCain, of all and any leadership positions with the majority Democratic caucus.

I just signed this petition to the members of the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee, who now determine Joe Lieberman’s fate as Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Harry Reid has told Lieberman that he has to go, but Joe is now openly threatening the caucus.  Please sign this petition and let them know that Lieberman must go, once and for all.

After you sign the petition please send your friends the link to this site.

Here is list of Senators on the Committee

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2 thoughts on “Help the Change – Sign the Online Petition to Cut Lieberman”

  1. Indeed Lieberman is the representative of the Bush agenda within the Senate Democratic leadership. Cut him out of the leadership. In two years more Republican Senators will be up for election. A mass movement can stop a Republican filibuster!

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