‘Steelworkers for Obama’ Hit the Streets

Unions protest
at Palin Speech
in Pittsburgh

Oct 10, 2008 –  About 200 people, almost entirely Obama supporters, gathered at the corner of 10th Street and Penn Avenue to protest GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who is Downtown for a fund-raiser this evening.

The protesters chanted, banged on drums and waved signs. Police said they were surprised at the size of the crowd, although there were no problems with crowd control.

Leeann Anderson, assisted to the president of the United Steelworkers, said that several unions, including SEIU, AFCSME and the Steelworkers, gathered in front of the Steelworkers building this afternoon and then marched to the Westin Convention Center, where Ms. Palin will speak at the Republican fund-raiser.

“Ever since she was nominated, she hasn’t said anything about working women’s issues — nothing about family leave, elder care of child care,” Ms. Anderson said.

Janine Macklin, 31, of the Hill District, was waving a sign that said, “Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin.” She said her 11-year-old son plays hockey for a team at the Neville Island ice rink, making her a hockey mom like Ms. Palin. “I’m tired of the lies and the negative ad campaign the Republicans have been running.”

There were a handful of McCain supporters in the crowd. One was Steven Satzger, of Lawrenceville. He was holding a sign that said “Democrats for McCain” and was wearing a Hillary Clinton T-shirt. “I just don’t think he has any experience,” he said about Obama. “I’m a centrist Democrat and I’ve had enough of the far left.

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