2 thoughts on “Slide Show on How ‘Fracking’ Pollutes the Beaver River, Endangering Our Water”

  1. Talk on Marcellus Shale and a Powered up and Expanded Version of the Figure in the Marcellus Shale Brochure.

    I held my “Faculty Speakers’ Series” talk “Thoughts on Marcellus Shale” on Wednesday Feb 2, 2011
    on Campus at the Penn State campus up the hill from Monaca on Old Brodhead Road
    presenting a relatively standard view of the situation but one that did discuss the pitfalls of hydraulic fracturing drilling. The “Stuff happens” motif was employed.
    The talk was during the noon hour and the room was nearly packed even though I had several dozen seats added to extend the total seating an estimated 80 people. Few who came people left. Questions and discussion were lively. Several points of view were represented.
    I was able to organize much of the talk, both presentation and discussion, around a graphic animation from “Gasland”: http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/whats-fracking
    This is a livened up and expanded version of the graphic that is on the recent PDA flier about Marcellus Shale. It does take a computer of some power to display this graphic/animation fully. Older computers or computers with non updated (Firefox) software may not show it fully.

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