Rally for Healthcare NOT Warfare Beaver Courthouse Saturday 1pm

Pennsylvania 4th Congressional District Chapter – Progressive Democrats of America


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                    Contact: Ms. Tina B. Shannon, 724.843.0545

October 14, 2009                                                           


 Healthcare NOT Warfare Rally at Beaver County Courthouse

At 1:00 pm Oct. 17th


BEAVER, October 14 – A coalition of grass roots organizations concerned about healthcare cost and availability will hold a rally calling for a shift in spending priorities to healthcare over foreign wars and Wall Street bailouts. Tina Shannon, Chairperson of the local Progressive Democrats stated: “Blue Dog Democrat Congressman Jason Altmire voted to spend $billions for the Afghanistan War and occupation of Iraq but refuses to support Medicare for All. We will let him know that our #1 priority is meaningful healthcare reform.”


Mr. Tim Carpenter, the National Director of Progressive Democrats of America, will address the rally. Under Carpenter’s leadership Progressive Democrats of America has led the fight for a national single-payer Medicare for All bill, working closely with the Congressional Progressive Caucus.


Mr. Robert Schmetzer, President of Council of the Borough of South Heights will also address the rally. South Heights is the third municipality in Beaver County to pass a resolution urging Congressman Altmire to support HR 676 the Medicare for All Act. Ambridge Borough and the City of Aliquippa have also passed resolutions supporting HR 676.


The rally will also mark the eighth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan and call for re-ordering our nation’s priorities from war spending to human needs and infrastructure spending. Marcia Lehman, President of Beaver County Peace Links, will speak. Beaver County Peace Links continues to hold a weekly Saturday vigil for peace at the Beaver County Courthouse for over five years.


Mr. Ed Grystar, co-chairman of the Western Pennsylvania Coalition for Single Payer Healthcare and an organizer for the PA Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals and Ms. Tina Shannon, chairperson of the PA 4th CD Chapter of Progressive Democrats and a former New Brighton School Board Director will also address the rally.


The Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR) Aliquippa Chapter 20-20 is sponsoring the event. SOAR President Marion Prasjner said: “The closing of Aliquippa Hospital is a hardship for local people. In this part of the county with all the retired steelworkers we don’t even have an emergency room. It’s a shame because the insurance companies are making a bundle while the seniors and workers are getting the short end of the stick. The price of healthcare is continuing to go up. Right now the pharmaceutical and hospital corporations are putting large sums of money to work against healthcare reform.”

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