Obama Concession on ‘Public Option’ Compromise Is Attempt to Sidetrack Single Payer Option

Progressives must turn up the heat for the Single Payer option – the Weiner Amendment to HR 3200, to be introduced on floor of House in September. The Weiner Amendment substitutes the text of HR 676 the National Healthcare Act for the current text of HR 3200, the liberal compromise with the insurance industry.

See article below by liberal blogger Jane Hamsher. The debate about public option is a phony debate because there are not enough votes to pass a healthcare bill without the public option, and the White House knows this. Why start a debate about the public option? Because the grassroots pressure for Medicare for All is building and word of the Weiner amendment is spreading. Call your Congressperson and ask for a Yes vote on the Weiner amendment.

Obama picks public option fight with liberals

by Jane Hamsher

Founder, FireDogLake.com

Many people are rightly upset that the White House is sending stronger and stronger signals that they are willing to jettison a public option.  What was once the defining feature of the Obama health care plan has now been dismissed with a bipartisan flourish.  “[I]t’s both the right and the left that have become so fixated on this that they forget everything else,” he says.

There are 435 seats on the House.  Of those, 257 are filled by Democrats and 178 by Republicans.  Which means a majority is 218.  The Republicans have vowed to vote against health care, period.  The Democrats can pass health care on their own, but if they lose 40 of their own, they only have 217 votes.

There are 57 Democrats who signed the July 30 letter saying that they “simply cannot vote” for a bill that “at minimum” does not have a public plan (PDF).  There are 7 more not listed on the letter who have pledged to vote against any bill that does not have a robust public plan.  That makes 64 Democrats who won’t vote for the “co-ops” that both Kathleen Sibelius and Robert Gibbs say the White House is “open” to.  

Do the math:  257 – 64 = 193.  They need 218 to pass the bill. They don’t have the votes.

While everyone else was focused on the Senate, FDL Action has been whipping progressive members of the House to vote against any health care bill that doesn’t have a public plan since June 23.

This effort represents the 76% of Americans who want a public plan, and since these members come from heavily Democratic-leaning districts, it undoubtedly reflects the wishes of an even greater percentage of their own constituents:

Member Name PVI District
Corrine Brown D+18 FL-03
Albio Sires D+21 NJ-13
Alcee Hastings D+28 FL-23
Andre Carson D+14 IN-07
Barbara Lee D+37 CA-09
Barney Frank D+14 MA-14
Bennie Thompson D+12 MS-02
Bill Delahunt D+9 MA-10
Bill Pascrell D+12 NJ-08
Bob Filner D+8 CA-51
Carolyn Kilpatrick D+31 MI-13
Carolyn Maloney D+26 NY-14
Chaka Fattah D+38 PA-02
Chellie Pingree D+8 MN-01
Dennis Kucinich D+8 OH-10
Diane Watson D+35 CA-33
Donald Payne D+33 NJ-10
Donna Edwards D+31 MD-04
Earl Blumenauer D+19 OR-03
Ed Towns D+38 NY-10
Eddie Bernice Johnson D+27 TX-30
Elijah Cummings D+25 MD-07
Emanuel Cleaver D+10 MO-05
Eric Massa R+5 NY-29
Pete Stark D+22 CA-13
Grace Napolitano D+18 CA-38
Gwen Moore D+22 WI-04
Hank Johnson D+24 GA-04
Jackie Spier D+23 CA-12
Jerry Nadler D+22 NY-08
Jesse Jackson, Jr. D+36 IL-02
Jim McDermott D+31 WA-07
Jim McGovern D+9 MA-03
John Conyers D+34 MI-14
John Olver D+14 MA-01
John Tierney D+7 MA-06
John Yarmuth D+2 KY-03
Jose Serrano D+41 NY-16
Judy Chu D+15 CA-32
Keith Ellison D_23 MN-05
Laura Richardson D+26 CA-37
Linda Sanchez D+12 CA-39
Lloyd Doggett D+6 TX-25
Lucille Roybal-Alard D+22 CA-34
Luis Gutierrez D+32 IL-04
Lynn Woolsey D+38 CA-06
Marcia Fudge D+32 OH-11
Marcy Kaptur D+10 OH-09
Maurice Hinchey D+6 NY-22
Maxine Waters D+31 CA-35
Mazie Hirono D+14 HI-02
Mel Watts D+16 NC-12
Michael Honda D+15 CA-15
Mike Capuano D+32 MA-08
Nydia Valezquez D+33 NY-12
Peter DeFazio D+2 OR-04
Phil Hare D+3 IL-17
Raul Grijalva D+6 AZ-07
Robert Wexler D+15 FL-19
Rush Holt D+5 NJ-12
Sam Farr D+19 CA-17
Sheila Jackson Lee D+24 TX-18
William Lacy Clay D+27 M0-01
Yvette Clarke D+38 NY-11


This morning, Anthony Weiner on CNBC says that the President will lose 100 votes in the House if a health care bill does not have a public plan, and Gerald Nadler on WNYC likewise says there will not be enough votes without one. These Members of Congress were overwhelmingly elected by Democrats. In voting against any bill that does not have a public plan they are voting their districts.

The White House shouldn’t ask them to do otherwise in order to pander for Republican votes they are never going to get.  If Rahm Emanuel wants to beat somebody into voting for something that their district doesn’t want, let him go talk to the “centrists” he’s been coddling.

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