Single Payer National Healthcare is the Only Affordable Solution – If the Insurance Company Public Option Compromise Passes Hold on to Your Wallet

Single Payer National Healthcare is the Only Affordable Solution
by Randy Shannon

A national single payer universal healthcare system is the only affordable solution to the healthcare crisis facing the nation. As embodied in HR 676, National Healthcare will require all healthcare providers to become non-profit organizations. National Healthcare, as the only source of payments to providers, will also replace all of the insurance companies.

This is a key feature of National Healthcare that saves over $400 billion in annual waste. The current “compromise” backed by the President and the wealthy US Senators actually increases the waste by forcing another 46 million Americans to buy insurance.

In order to cover those who will not meet the income level that requires them to buy insurance, the “compromise public option” will have to find the money by cutting funds that would go to healthcare providers. Now the President is publicly floating “proposals” to save money.

 A chief proposal is to cut payments to healthcare providers rather than eliminate the skimming by Wall Street and the insurance companies. This is not a solution.

Another suggestion is to tax workers healthcare benefits as income, another blow to the working class, already reeling from cuts in income, unemployment, rising taxes, and eroding public services. That is not a solution.

As the following New York Times article shows, the proposals for saving enough money to expand coverage within the current for-profit insurance industry-controlled system rely on so many “if-then” propositions that there will be no certainty except that the insurance industry remains in place to pick up the pieces.

The voices of union members and their locals in resolutions supporting single payer are becoming more powerful as the national AFL-CIO and CTW leaders see that their compromise with the bosses is going to backfire.

The voices of the voting public are becoming more and more powerful as advocates of single payer national healthcare, the only workable solution – a solution already embraced by the rest of the industrial nations.

See the New York Times coverage on the following page.