Missouri IBEW State Conference Endorses HR 676 – Improved Medicare for All

St Louis, Missouri.  The Missouri State Conference of Electrical Workers has endorsed HR 676, single payer healthcare legislation introduced by
Congressman John Conyers (D-MI).

The Conference, made up of all 21 IBEW local unions in the state of Missouri, represents more than 21,000 members.  The endorsement was voted at the regular quarterly meeting on Jan 13th.

Michael Datillo, President of IBEW Local 1455 who also serves as President of the State Conference, said the resolution was supported by both the members and the Executive Board.  Datillo stated:  “All unions in this Conference have negotiated healthcare for our members.  But the Supreme Court has prevented us from negotiating for retirees and with lay offs and plants closing, we all see the distress the healthcare system is in.  Healthcare is a big issue at every negotiation.  We are looking for a source for all Americans to have a good healthcare system not just our

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