USW Pres. Gerard Message to “We Are One” Rallies

Greedy Corporations and the Wealthy Fatten Themselves on the Rest of Us — Join “We Are One” Rallies to Stop the Freeloaders

By Leo Gerard, AlterNet
Posted on April 3, 2011, Printed on April 4, 2011


The nation’s greedy corporations and insatiable wealthy are fattening themselves on workers. There’s no trickle down. It’s the opposite; the rich have been sucking the economic lifeblood from the middle class for decades.

When reckless Wall Street banksters get taxpayer-funded bailouts, billionaires get tax breaks and gigantic corporations like GE and Bank of America pay absolutely no federal income taxes, they’re getting for free the very public services that enable them to make massive profits in this country – the courts, the roads, the trade regulators, the patent enforcement.

The middle class doesn’t get those big time special deals and loopholes. Workers pay their taxes. As a result, it’s workers footing the bill for the government services that enrich the rich. Greedy corporations, their CEOs and the right-wing politicians they buy with tens of millions in campaign cash are freeloaders.

It’s time workers stood up to the freeloaders. Join Monday’s We Are One rallies. These demonstrations across the country by religious groups, social justice organizations and labor unions will illustrate that the middle class is mad as hell and not going to take trickster economics anymore.

It’s time for greedy corporations and the insatiable rich to pay their fair share. It’s time to stop cuts to the government programs most treasured by and vital to the middle class and the vulnerable in this country – education, public transportation, Social Security. It’s time to stop right-wing attempts to terminate democratic rights like collective bargaining and voting without harassment. It’s time for the middle class to stop paying for everything and for the insatiable rich and greedy corporations to start sharing the sacrifice required to recover from the economic crisis caused by reckless gambling by Wall Street bankster corporations.

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The CIA, the Libyan Rebellion, and the President

The CIA, the Libyan Rebellion, and the President

Posted: 03/31/11 01:57 PM ET
Huffington Post
David Bromwich

David Bromwich

Professor of Literature at Yale

One of Barack Obama’s first acts as president was to say that Guantanamo must go. It did not go. Soon after, he said that the Israeli settlements must go. They expanded. Obama made his peace in the end with Guantanamo and the Israeli settlements. He restarted the military tribunals at Guantanamo — a feature of the Bush-Cheney constitution which he once had explicitly deplored — and recently went out of his way to defend the Guantanamo-like abuse (compulsory nakedness and sleep deprivation) inflicted on an American prisoner, Bradley Manning, in the Marine Corps brig at Quantico. One had come to think of “X must go” assertions by Obama as speculative prefaces to a non-existent work. His words, in his mind, are actions. When he speaks them once or twice, he has done what he was put here to do. If the existing powers defy his wishes, he embraces the powers and continues on his way.

The Egyptian protest of January and February saw a new siege of wishful commandments and reversals by the president. He told Mubarak to go. Then he told him to stay a while. Mubarak said he would stay, but after a time, he went; and in the mind of Obama, it appears, there was a relation of cause and effect between his initial request and the final result. He was consequently emboldened.

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Federal Judge Rules States Cannot Interfere with Collective Bargaining Rights

Chicago's McCormick Place

Judge re: McPier – No Interference in Collective Bargaining

  • By Michael Barnes, Chicago Conservative Examiner
  • April 1st, 2011 2:42 pm CT

In a ruling that has far-reaching implications for Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Maine, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri, a federal judge threw out labor law reforms at Chicago’s McCormick Place that the Illinois state legislature enacted in 2010 following supplication from the convention industry.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Ronald Guzman affirms that collective bargaining rights cannot be overturned by governmental edict. Guzman told the Legislature “it had no business trying to interfere with collective bargaining” according to Marvin Gittler, an attorney representing Local 727 of the Teamsters.

Guzman held that the National Labor Relations Act preempts the Legislature from dictating terms for unions working at McCormick Place. This ruling is similar to the finding of The International Commission for Labor Rights, which has said, in part: The ICLR identified the right of “freedom of association” as a fundamental right and affirmed that the right to collective bargaining is an essential element of freedom of association. These rights, which have been recognized worldwide, provide a brake on unchecked corporate or state power.

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UMWA Holds Rally for Workers Rights in Waynesburg

Mine workers rally for public employees

Friday, April 01, 2011
The Associated Press

WAYNESBURG, Pa. — Nearly 3,000 union mine workers are rallying on behalf of public employees in other states.

The United Mine Workers of America says around 3,000 members, their families and other supporters from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia at the We Are One Solidarity March and Rally in Waynesburg today.

Marchers plan to walk along state Route 21 and rally at the Greene County Fairgrounds.

It’s the first major labor rally outside the states, including Wisconsin and Ohio, where lawmakers are battling over collective bargaining rights. UMW President Cecil Roberts says it won’t be the last.

But miners have other goals in mind. The UMW is set to begin negotiations on a new nationwide coal contract to replace the one expiring Dec. 31.

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