Weekly Vigil for Healthcare not Warfare vs. Teaparty “Hate and Lies” Rally on Saturday April 24th at 1:00pm

Sept. 2009 Healthcare not Warfare Vigil vs. Tea Party at Beaver Courthouse

Healthcare not Warfare vs. TeaParty

by Randy Shannon

The Peace Links weekly vigil at the County Courthouse to Bring the Troops Home Now and for Healthcare not Warfare has stood at 1:00 pm every Saturday for six years. The need to convert war spending to social spending for jobs and healthcare is more critical than ever. The need to support the unemployed and the hungry, to protect our workers on the job, to provide healthcare to all is now critical to more people than ever.

The tea party is calling for another hate and lies rally at 1:00 pm on Saturday April 24th on the steps of the Beaver County Courthouse. Its their right to be there, even though their message borders hate speech and is filled with lies and distortions.

The wealthy elite has funded the tea party movement and used their media pawns to build it. An outstanding example of a tea party moneybags is Don Blankenship, the President of Massey Coal, a mining company that kills workers as a cost of doing business. Those who fund this so-called movement use it  to oppose workers’ safety, to oppose state and local government services, to support war, and to incite race hatred. The tea party followers include John Birch Society and Ku Klux Klan members. This movement is as much a threat to civil society as Massey Coal is a threat to miners who work in their criminally neglected mines.

Peace Links and Progressive Democrats will stand our vigil across the street at 1:00 pm at the Courthouse. Our theme will be “Everyone In. Nobody Out.” If you supported change in 2008, you can defend the small gains we have made and help to create an environment where future gains are possible by joining us this  Saturday.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Vigil for Healthcare not Warfare vs. Teaparty “Hate and Lies” Rally on Saturday April 24th at 1:00pm”

  1. I think you’re a little confused. The Hate and Lies Rally will be across the street from the courthouse. Why don’t you come over to the right side – you might (*gasp*) learn something.

  2. Was already considering a personal counter protest to this after seeing the crappy signs all over this weekend. I will be there.

  3. We could hear you just fine from across the street last time. Hate & lies is an assessment of your behavior which we saw first hand.

    You even succeeded in intimidating the only African American who attended your event. She came across the street and gave us her first hand account of your behavior, which consisted of announcing her presence as the only African American in your crowd and proceeding to say that African Americans weren’t in attendance at your rally because they vote on the basis of race alone.

    Not having television and actively avoiding right wing propaganda on the internet, your last rally was my first direct encounter with your group. Before I saw and heard you first hand, I thought my friends were exxagerating your hatefullness. I was disappointed to find out I was wrong.

    I will continue to have hope in your humanity. I realize that not everyone on your side has the same level of committment to dangerous ideas coming from the upper levels of your organization. It seemed that a lot of people attending your last rally were there as specataors wanting to see what all the fuss was about. The hyperbolic nature of your event does make quite a spectacle.

  4. We stayed across the street knowing that we were in compliance of a police request made before the events started. We stayed across the street, and before hand the police had requested that we do so.

  5. Tina S.couldn’t have said it better. The Tea Party movement truly scares me. Despite their claims they appear very “un-American” to me. Their behavior demonstrates exclusivity, faux-elitism, and discrimination. Just look at the crowd. It does not represent America. It is a backward movement opposed to equality and change.

  6. I think you have it all wrong. Let’s stop the name calling and understand what this is. Its a group of people coming out together in support of their beliefs. I was not directed by anyone to go to a rally. I go because I believe in America. I don’t think America is being governed according to the Constitution. Left wing, right wing, I think they are all doing it wrong. We the people of the United States are the ones caught in the middle. Think about it. What if the people in the Tea Party are wrong. Then no big deal. But what it they are right?

    1. If the teabaggera are wrong, they’ve generated a lot of fear & hate & division over nonsense. The tone of disreaspect and insult they’ve brought to political discourse is unpatriotic. Democracy only works with public participation. Destroying public debate is a very big deal. Making the average person think politics is some vitriolic dirty mean affair that is better avoided is harming democracy. So right from the start, they’ve discredited themselves in my eyes.

      I do political work with plain old people. Here at the grassroots I see the harm that the tone of their so-called movement is creating. This mean tone of relating to each other is causing us to be worse parents, worse neighbors, worse citiziens. Anyone promoting a worldview that aims at disunity is hurting their own community & their selves.

      If they’re right? Well right about what? I’m sure I could sit down with just about any of them, one on one, and agree about a whole lot of things. But to see the problems in society & then promote turning against one another is wrong no matter how accurate your idea about the problem might be. And to carry signs of a black president (or a black anyone for that matter) in blackface and deny the historic reference to blackface as a theatrical degradation of blacks is wrong. To suggest that after carrying such signs guns should be strapped on & carried to a political rally, again ignoring the historical context in which the greatest black political leader of our time was gunned down & murdered is also wrong.

      The unity and success of my community is a big deal to me.

  7. As a former psychological operations specialist, I was intrigued by the photo of the Sep 09 rally accompanying this article. Camera angle makes it appear to be a large group, but there are actually fewer than two dozen protesters. Some background personnel are clearly not associated with the demonstration, but add to the mass of the group.

    The Peace Vigil aims are clearly stated (albeit in highly emotionally-charged rhetoric, lacking specifics), but as far as what is said about Tea Party people, there are no arguments as to what philosophy or actions the Tea Party people are in favor of, only the repeated use of the words “hate” and “lies,” also highly emotionally-charged words.

    Name-calling is usually resorted to when the facts cannot be argued successfully.

    1. Mike, I counted 80 people on our side myself. I also counted your side of the street, about 200. We had very few decent pictures, and we went with this one, from early in the day. As for the Tea Party message, it was rather unclear itself. One speaker ranted at some length, about Obama and the ACLU planning to take down all the Crosses and Stars of David on military graves in Arlington–a total lie and fabrication, but none of the Tea Party people did anything but cheer him on. After stuff like that, one tends not to take anything else very seriously.

  8. I also personally counted 77 people at our event. I don’t lie. It’s not good politics and doesn’t work in the long run. The camera angle got the line of people standing there. And the people in the background were with us.

    And yes, we’ve mentioned a few specifics taht the tea baggers were saying already in this discussion thread. What, Mr psych-ops, are you trying to trick me into repeating their rhetoric? Nope, nope, nope. This is our website.

  9. I was at the t-party. As a veteran of 36 years I also want the troops home but for different reasoning. They, like us in Viet-Nam are not allowed to kill the enemy and have to fight with one hand behind there back. Why are you against small government ,lower taxes,the end of our socialist public school system. God;Family;country–God–Its all his, Family–Man/woman=children, Country-This is the greatest on earth-if you don’t like it VOTE THE BUMS OUT! they call that PEACEFUL REVOLUTION–thats what the tea party is about. Read your Constitution!!! P.S. I’ll pray for you!

    1. The question, Bill, is not small government vs big, but smart government vs stupid. Our school system is public, but far from socialist. My Great Grand Uncle, Eben Daniel Davidson, was the head of Beaver County Schools decades back that got high schools for the working class. When he was young, there were only a few private academies, and most people couldn’t afford them. He managed to scrape a few dollars by working both the farm and the Gringo oil fields to go to Sheffield Academy, a private high school, and then get a teaching certificate. It was his life’s work to get public schools for all, especially the working classes. and I’m proud of it. That doesn’t mean they can’t be made better. As for taxes, again, it’s not lower or higher, but who pays and for what. Right now the AFL-CIO is pushing for a tax on the Casino Gambling on Wall St to take the burden off the rest of us, and to invest it productively in the creation of real wealth and jobs. If your Tea Party was truly on the side of the working classes, you’d get behind it.

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