Does PA Senator Elder Vogel Care About Children? Ask Him!

by Randy Shannon
Protest Daycare Cuts in Belleview
Protest Daycare Cuts in Belleview

Who Is Elder Vogel?

Elder Vogel is a farmer on the plateau above the valley of the Beaver and Ohio Rivers . He is also the freshman Republican State Senator representing the 47th Senatorial district encompassing much of Beaver and Lawrence Counties, including the cities of Ambridge, Aliquippa, Beaver Falls, and New Castle.

As his website says: “A citizen-legislator, Senator Vogel is a fourth-generation dairy farmer, operating the family farm in New Sewickley Township which was established in the late 1800s.  For many years, Senator Vogel served as president of the Beaver-Lawrence Farm Bureau, and until his election served as a New Sewickley Township Supervisor.”

Vogel defeated Jason Petrella, a Democratic Party newcomer with no political experience. Petrella was also running with the overhang of scandal. Local Democratic leader Mike Veon and other Democrats were previously ousted for stubbornly supporting a midnight pay raise despite widespread protest and criticism.

What Has Elder Vogel Done?

Elder Vogel, without considering the needs of the people of his district and the state, has blindly followed the far-right leadership of the Pennsylvania Republican Party. This Party is tightly controlled by the far-right financiers led by Richard Scaife. It is best described as the “Party of No.”

Elder Vogel voted for a budget, SB 850, that harshly and inhumanely cut every social program supported by the state. He also voted against every suggestion proposed by the Democrats to raise revenues to maintain Pennsylvania’s standard of support for children, the elderly, veterans, the disabled, and job seekers.

He voted against taxing smokeless tobacco – as other states do – and for cutting daycare subsidies for poor mothers working to feed their children.

He voted against a severance tax on gas drillers – as other states have – and for cutting Head Start, veterans programs, disabled support systems, and environmental protection.

He has voted to cut every aspect of public education, from early childhood initiatives to our public community school districts to college grants.

Elder Vogel voted to cut funding for programs whose level of federal funding is tied to the level of state funding, denying the return of our federal tax dollars back to our state and communities. He voted to cut state funds to local municipalities for mandates that will force our local governments to raise property taxes.

Democratic Governor Rendell vetoed this hateful budget. Now there is no budget, and all of these programs remain unfunded while the Republicans sit in Harrisburg with their arms crossed and their chins in the air. They refuse to raise any new revenues and are willing to starve the people out. We must know Elder Vogel by his misdeeds, not by his quiet retiring style.

What Elder Vogel Must Do

Why did Elder Vogel support such a people-hating budget? The Republican Party puts the interests of the wealthy elite above the interests of the working people. Perhaps Elder Vogel thought he could serve the people of the Beaver Valley in the Senate. But if he trusts his political handlers to tell him how to vote, Vogel is getting very bad advice.

Elder Vogel needs to take into account the welfare of all the people in the 47th Senatorial district. He needs to stop supporting the Republican Party’s efforts to punish poor and working people for the economic downturn. Elder Vogel needs to sit down and talk to his Democratic Party friends and neighbors so he can figure out how to best raise revenues for the budget. This needs to happen right away.

Elder Vogel is very misinformed. The people of the 47th District need to inform him of what is going on here. He needs to know that we expect everyone to pitch in so that the least of us, our children, are not made to suffer. He must stop supporting the Republican Party efforts to block a consensus budget for Pennsylvania. He needs to know that parents, teachers, and providers of services will not tolerate weeks of being unpaid for our work.

Elder Vogel needs to know that not funding a budget that meets the needs of the people is a personal issue for thousands of his constituents.

His office is at 488 Adams St., Rochester. Phone 724 774-0444.

His office is at 101 Mercer St., New Castle. Phone 724 654-1444.

One thought on “Does PA Senator Elder Vogel Care About Children? Ask Him!”

  1. a mother in desperate need of help. I have an autistic son and have been fighting with our freedom school district all summer long to allow him to go to Mcguire Memorial School. The district feels that my son can continue to be main streamed in his school even though they refuse to agree with our wants for our son. We have noticed my son has changed so much in the last two years for the worse. His self-esteem has gone down to nothing and his attitude has changed for the worse. I feel that he has not gotten the support in school or his needs met for him to be able to reach his full potential. The tests scores and progress reports that I keep getting told about on how well he is doing, I am not in agreement with. I know my son and I care about what he tells me and what I see happening to him. Public school is for alot of children including special needs, but not for my son. I pulled him out of school and am trying to cyber school him until I hopefully get someone to fight for my son. I refuse to let him go thru another year of no friends, being told he can’t play because he cannot run fast enough or catch a ball right. Or that he cannot read or he’s stupid. When he was younger he didn’t know he was different from the other children, well he knows now. It the stories he would tell me everytime he would come home I could just tell that what I was seeing was not a good sign. After meeting after meeting of arguing over what was the best thing for my son and not getting anywhere I just could not take it anymore. There doesnot seem to be anyone out there that can help me to get my son the schooling he deserves and that is Mcguire School with professionals trained to teach autistic children in a way that brings the childs self esteem back up and works on his academics in a surrounding that is more healthier for him in so many ways. Mcguire sees it all the time with the children who come in their door and have gone through the same things as my son and have ended up so much better in so little time, just because of the nurturing environment and allowing them to work at their own level without any worries or distractions that the public school gave them. Also having him barely at a second grade reading level and being in fifth grade now. Please if there is anyone out there who can help fight for my child please contact me. Thank You. Shari Justus

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